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Laminated Rollstock

Laminated Rollstock is a multi-layered film structure for a wide variety of products for flexible packaging.  Our team at Source One Packaging can provide the expertise to provide the proper film structure for your product packaging needs.

Source One Packaging is now proud to offer
eco-friendly PCR & recyclable laminated rollstock.

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In an effort to ensure environmental sustainability, we’ve expanded our various lamination structures while still achieving your packaging goals.

We currently offer:

PCR Laminated Rollstock: Made from repurposed post-consumer recycled material. (30% PCR Material)

Recyclable Laminated Rollstock: Made from 100% PE Film compliant with How2Recycle Drop Off Program.

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Clear PET, Matte PET, Soft Touch Matte, LLDPE, Metalized, Foil, Gloss, Windows, Custom Blended Barriers.

While most pouches are printed flexographically, we can provide short run digital printed options with zero setup costs.

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Stick Packs

Long skinny packs are perfectly suited for powders, liquids, and gels, making them ideal for single-serve products like drink mixes, condiments, nutraceuticals and beauty products.

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Small packets are perfect for samples or single-use products.  Primarily used in the beauty, hospitality, nutraceutical, and travel industries.  Three-side or four-side seal options are available.

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Horizontal/Vertical Form Fill & Seal

We’re able to provide the film for either vertical or horizontal form fill and seal.  Let our experts match the film structure and size based on your co-packer or machine specifications.

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Flexible Wrappers

Printed and clear BOPP for fin seal application that is perfect for brownies, cookies, and other snack foods.

Frequently asked questions

What are laminated films?

Laminated film consists of two or more layers of materials fused together with an adhesive, forming a single wound film. This material can be created by laminating two or more sheets of polyester, polycarbonate, PVC, PETG and various other types of films.

Widely utilized in packaging, laminated films provide a reliable solution for a variety of products as they provide a barrier against moisture, oxygen, and light. It can also protect against abrasion and puncture while extending the product's shelf life. The film laminate typically has a thickness of 0.25 - 1 mm.

What can you use laminated rollstock for?

Source One offers a large selection of flexible rollstock film that is ideal for industrial and commercial vertical form fill and seal applications:

  • Food and snacks

  • Pet food and treats

  • Powdered and granulated products

  • Frozen foods

  • Consumer goods

  • Health and Medical

  • Industrial

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Nutraceutical

  • Beauty products

  • Single Serve Drink Mixes

  • Sample Packets

  • Travel Industry

What materials can you make laminated rollstock from?
  • LDPE (various blends such as EVA, EVOH, linear, etc.)

  • HDPE

  • PP (cast, OPP, BOPP, metalized)

  • PET (clear or metalized)

  • Nylon

  • Recyclable Film

  • PCR (30%)

  • Foil

  • BOPP

  • Freezer Safe

  • Microwavable

  • PPFP (Paper / Poly / Foil / Poly)

  • Snack Web (White Polyester / Foil)

  • Cosmetic Web (Puncture / Odor Proof

  • Custom barrier blends

  • Custom blended laminations

What are some common features of laminated rollstock?
  • Laser Scoring

  • Easy Tear

  • Tear Notch

  • 3" Core

  • 6" Core

  • Flexographics Printing (10c)

  • Rotogravure Printing

  • Digital Printing

  • Spot Matte

  • Spot Gloss

How are laminated rollstocks ecofriendly?

We use recyclable film that is 100% PE compliant with How2Recycle.

Our PCR is 30% post-consumer recycled materials.

Digitally-printed laminated rollstock provides even more benefits. The process itself is significantly greener compared to flexographic printing. Digital printing utilizes eco-friendly inks, decreases seal emissions, and produces less print waste.

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