Pressure Sensitive Labels

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Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive Labels, also known as decals or stickers can be used on almost any surface for a wide variety of applications.

Stand Out On The Shelf

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Materials & Finishes

film, foil, paper or premium stocks
Matte, high Gloss, Semi Gloss
Matte lithographic

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Die Cuts

Flatbed, rotary, semi-rotary, and laser die cutting

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Printing Options & Embellishments

Digital, flexographic, embossing, foil stamping

Frequently asked questions

What are pressure sensitive labels?

Pressure sensitive labels are very similar to stickers. They adhere to the surface of almost any product and can be applied without using heat or a separate adhesive. Through different die cuts, they can be made into nearly any shape or size. They can be applied manually by hand or machine applied on a roll. Low cost, easy to use and durable, pressure sensitive labels are a popular choice of labels.

What are some popular uses for pressure sensitive labels?

Food and beverage, household, health and beauty, automotive and chemicals, wine and spirits, industrial and cannabis products.

Source One Packaging is your #1 source for custom labels and product labels.

Create a customized label to maximize shelf appeal that will help sell your product. Print with high quality graphics and eye-catching inks to create brand identity and recognition.

  • Will withstand the demands of hot and cold temperatures, humidity and chemical exposure such as industry-grade cleaners

  • Flexographic or Digital printing available

  • Custom color Hot and Cold Foil Stamping

  • Rotary Silk Screen, UV Varnishing, Laminating, Peel Backs

  • Metallic Inks and Holographic Inks

  • Various Adhesives and finish options including re-sealable and permanent

  • Perforations in between labels

  • Cut and Stacked or on Rolls

  • Choose from one of the 2,000 stock sizes we carry or let us create an individualized die-cut to suit your needs

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