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Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-Up Pouches offer an all-in-one solution to your packaging needs as they maximize shelf space better than traditional packaging like boxes and cartons. We can offer traditional and sustainable options suited for food packaging, nutraceutical, household, pet, and cannabis products.

Our lightweight design minimizes consumer waste and significantly reduces freight and warehousing costs, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for your packaging needs.

Trust our flexible film specialists to help determine the perfect packaging solution for your valued products.  We can assist you from concept to creation.  With competitive pricing and lead times to fit your production schedule, we have a packaging solution that’s right for you.

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"With our continuous efforts towards sustainability, we proudly offer a solution aligned to fit your conscientious efforts towards a brighter future. Our products provide excellent barrier functionality while minimizing your supply chain costs."

Source One Packaging is now proud to offer
eco-friendly PCR & Recyclable pouches.

Stand Out On The Shelf

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In an effort to ensure environmental sustainability, we’ve expanded our various lamination structures while still achieving your packaging goals.

We currently offer:

PCR Pouches: Made from repurposed post-consumer recycled material. (30% PCR Material)

Recyclable Pouches: Made from 100% PE Film compliant with How2Recycle Drop Off Program.

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Clear PET, Matte PET, Soft Touch Matte, LLDPE, Metallic, Foil, Gloss, Windows, Custom Blended Barriers.

While most pouches are printed flexographically, we can provide short run digital printed options with zero setup costs.

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Zippers & Closures

Standard close zippers, press-to-close zippers, child-resistant zippers, & Velcro fasteners.

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Top Spouts, Corner Spouts, Screw Caps, Disc Caps, Inverted Spouts & Flip Top Caps

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Side Gussets

Side gussets to allow for stability and more room on your package for information.

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Hang Holes

Sombrero Hang Holes and Round Hang Holes

Frequently asked questions

What are stand-up pouches?

Stand-up pouches are flexible packaging pouches that stands up on its own. Stand-up pouches are especially common for packaging dry food like cereal, nuts, and cookies. Stand-up pouches are also common in the chemical industry for making containers that will hold liquids or powders.

Why stand-up pouches?

Stand-up pouches offer a convenient packaging option for food. Stand-up pouches are easy to open and do not need a can opener, unlike cans. Stand-up pouches also have a higher moisture barrier than other types of containers, so they don't let outside air or moisture into the food. This means that the food will stay fresher for longer periods of time.

Stand-up pouches can be sealed efficiently with afold-over seal or a resealable zipper seal, so you don't have to worry aboutleaks. Stand-up pouches are also more environmentally friendly than cans orbottles because they're lighter and take up less space when thrown away.

How are stand-up pouches used?

Stand-Up Pouches have changed the face of consumer packaging in a wide range of consumer markets for products including frozen food, snack food, dried food, beverages, coffee, tea, beef jerky, specialty foods and spices, nutrition and supplements, pharmaceutical and medical, health and beauty, pet food and treats, household products and more!

What materials are available for stand-up pouches?
  • LDPE (various blends such as EVA, EVOH, linear, etc.)
  • HDPE
  • PP (cast, OPP, BOPP)
  • PET (clear or metallized)
  • Nylon
  • Recyclable Film
  • PCR (30%)
  • Freezer Safe
  • Microwavable
  • Custom barrier blends
  • Custom blended laminations
What features are available?
  • Transparent or clouded windows
  • Sombrero & round hang holes
  • Zippers: standard, push to close, child resistant
  • Velcro closures
  • Puncture and tear-resistant
  • Tear notches
  • Laser scoring
  • Spouts: top spouts, corner spouts, screw caps, disc caps, inverted spouts, and flip-top caps
  • Custom printing
  • Matte and soft touch matte
  • Spot varnishes
  • Digital printing
  • Flexographic printing
What seal types are available?

Doy Packs
Stand-up pouches that stand upright on their own. There are two large panels for brand display, as well as a bottom gusset that serves as the center of gravity. Snacks, chocolates, cookies, frozen food, pet food, powder, fertilizer, and tobacco are just a few of the items that are recommended for Doy packs.

Side Gussets
Side gussets are pouch packaging with two large display panels. Gusset bags can handle heavier product packaging demands. Coffee bags, also known as side gusset bags, are a type of pouch packing that has two big display panels.

Spout & Straw Pouch
The spouted pouch or straw pouch is ideal for liquids. These pouches feature leak-proof, puncture-proof, and hassle-free use. Different sizes are available, from tiny to big weight and volume capacities. Spouts with various functions are available. Water, juice, sports drink, wine, detergent, face mask, jelly, and soap refills are all suitable for this pouch.

3 side seal
Also known as pillow bags, 3 side seal pouches make it easy to fill with contents and then seal. Often used as food packaging for chips, jerky, and powder mix these pouch bags often have a zip closure to keep the contents fresh.

Are your stand-up pouches eco-friendly?

Recyclable film – 100% PE compliant with How2Recycle

PCR– 30% Post consumer recycled materials.

In addition to these options, pouches themselves are a more eco-friendly option. Since pouches take up less space, more pouches can fit in a truckload vs traditional packaging.  Resulting in less fuel &emissions per units transported. Digital printed pouches provide even more benefits. The process itself is very green in comparison to flexographic printing.  Eco friendly inks, no seal emissions, and less print waste.

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