Sustainable Products For A Better Future

Source One Packaging is committed to enhancing sustainable packaging without sacrificing quality. Our goal is to create a better future, today.

We currently offer numerous sustainable & eco-friendly packaging options.

PET Rollstock & Cutbands

Source One Packaging is now proud to stock recyclable PET film.  Rollstock and shrink bands available in any size from 25mm – 490mm.   Quick turnaround for orders – 1-2 weeks.

Our film is recognized by the APR (Association of Plastic Recyclers) to meet and exceed APR’s PET-CG-02 strict requirements for PET recyclability. And is “truly a significant step in demonstrating the overall recyclability of your label product.”

R-PET (30% PCR) PET is available.

PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled)

Pouches and laminated rollstock made from repurposed post-consumer recycled materials. (30%PCR material)
Generate less waste in landfills while reducing green house gas emissions. PCR is an environmentally friendly solution without compromising performance.

Same performance
Glossy and soft-touch finishes

Recyclable Pouches & Laminated Film

Unparalleled environmental protection while still obtaining your packaging goals. Made from 100% PE Film, compliant with How2Recycle drop-off program while still maintaining barrier properties.

Compostable Pouches & Laminated Film

Fully compostable, rollstock, laminated rollstock and pouches that can still provide a high barrier for both select food and non-food products.

Compostable adhesive
Compostable zipper

Eco-friendly Benefits of Digital Printing

Able to print pouches, laminated rollstock, rollstock and cutbands digitally. There are many benefits to printing digitally:

Eco-friendly inks
No seal emissions
Less overall print waste
Plates do not need to be produced

PET Preforms

Currently able to produce PET recyclable preforms & 30% Post consumer recycled (PCR) Preforms in any shape and size.

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