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Shrink Bags

Made at Source One Packaging from PVC, PET or PETG. Primarily used for high end cosmetics, and to provide tamper-evident solutions for pump bottles and spray bottles.  With our fast turnaround and expert staff, we will custom fit your bottle, and have product produced and shipped in 5-7 days.

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Wide Range of Sizes

We offer 30mm-320mm sizes and our sample department will size your bottle for you.

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Fast Lead Times (5-7 Days)

We are able to streamline the production process by handling all of our converting in-house.

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Dome Bags

Domed Bags come in dome shaped, and are ideal for pump top bottles, certain cosmetic applications.

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Flat Top Bags

Mainly used on boxes for added tamper evidence and security.

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Shrink bags are great for high-end cosmetics, spray bottles, pump-top bottles, and as gift basket bags.

Frequently asked questions

Source One Packaging has shrink bags in stock.

Shrink Bags offer a simple and cost-effective solution for shrinking promotional items together to create BOGO’S and multi-packs. They also provide tamper-evident protection to all irregular shaped bottles and containers or packaging that has pumps or dispensers customized in-house.

  • Made from PVC or PET-G shrink film
  • Various shapes for unique bottle shapes
  • Dome and rectangle shapes to fit your needs
  • Fast turnaround times on custom made bags

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