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At Source One, we specialize in providing high-quality shrink bands that serve a variety of purposes, including tamper-evidence, multipacks, and brand recognition.

Our shrink bands, available in forms such as wraps, sleeves, and bands, are designed to offer reliable seal protection and customizable branding solutions for your products.

With a commitment to eco-friendly practices and a state-of-the-art converting facility, we can customize these bands to meet your specific needs, ensuring quick turnaround times and impeccable quality.

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If you still have any questions or need further information regarding our shrink bands, we are here to help! Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and assisting you with any inquiries you may have. Don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.
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Source One Packaging is now proud to offer recyclable PET shrink bands.

Stand Out On The Shelf

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Over 30,000,000 Shrink Bands Produced Monthly

We have the largest inventory of extruded and seamed rollstock in North America. Stock sizes, colors, and prints are available.

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Eco-Friendly PET shrink bands available.
PCR is available for all eco friendly applications (Recycled Plastics).

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State-of-the-Art In-House Converting

Slitting and seaming, Single Vertical Perforation (SVP), Double Vertical Perforation (DVP), Horizontal Perforation (HP), pull tabs, and tear tape.

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Wide Range of Sizes

23mm - 600mm extruded

25mm - 500mm seamed

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Custom Printing

Rotogravure, flexographic, and digital printing options are all available.

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Fast Lead Times

Five to seven business days for all in-stock items.

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Samples & Sizing

Just send your product in and let our experts handle the rest. We will have your product sized and custom samples sent out immediately.

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PVC, PET, and PETG are all available. PVC is available in both 50 and 70 micron.

Frequently asked questions

What is a shrink band?

A shrink band is a plastic or shrinkable sleeve that is placed over the neck of bottles or jars. The shrink band can placed on your bottles or jars using automated machinery or applied by hand, then sent through a heat tunnel or applied using a heat gun. Once on the bottles or jars, the shrink band provides tamper evidence, hides fill lines and creates an eye catching label design as an all in one solution to your labeling needs.

How can Source One customize shrink bands?

Customizing the shrink band allows for you to print important text, logo or images on just the neckband portion that goes over the top of your container jar or a full body shrink sleeve, depending on your needs.

Source One can customize shrink bands for your products in a multitude of ways. Whether you want something that repeats the phrase, "sealed for your protection", or a shrink band with a custom color and logo on it, we have a graphics team that can help promote your brand.

Customization doesn't just apply to the graphics! You can customize your shrink band to include perforations for easy removal of the shrink band while still offering tamper protection, letting your customer know the product is safe.

What are the benefits of shrink bands?

Shrink bands are low-cost, reliable heat shrink seals that provide tamper evidence and custom designs. A shrink band can provide a quality packaging seal without interfering with the look of a clean and professional product—this is hugely important to the customer.

What types of shrink bands are there?

Neck Bands simply go over the top portion of your container or jar providing tamper evidence and hiding fill lines for a cleaner looking product. They can display text, logo and a small amount of graphics.

Full Body Shrink Sleeves provide an entire label including tamper evidence if your product requires. Shrink bands or shrink sleeves can conform to any shape container allowing use when other labels do not permit.

Preformed Shrink Bands are formed to fit your container for ease of application for straight walled containers and jars. They typically provide tamper evidence and can be perforated for easy removal. We stock millions in the most common sizes and shapes and can be customized to fit your containers. Learn More

How do you measure a container for a shrink band?

Shrink bands are measured by lay-flat (width) (LF), cut length (CL) and thickness. All are measured in millimeters. Let our production team help determine the right size for your container. We will also work with your machine manufacturer to ensure our film runs and fits your containers with ease.

Shrink bands are also known as shrink sleeves, neck bands, cut bands, heat shrink bands, and heat shrink sleeves and preform shrink sleeves or preform neck bands.

If you are ever unsure, please contact a sales representative for further assistance.

How do you apply shrink bands?

Our shrink bands come precut for manual application to your closure. Each application will require heat to shrink your bands to contour to your containers. Whether you use a heat gun or shrink tunnel, you should always shrink the shrink film evenly with precision and care. Our production specialists are here to help you determine this and work with your machine manufacturers. We are approved suppliers for many of the top shrink film application manufacturers.

Shrink bands are also very useful for multipacks. Whether it's a package for a club store or for a promotion, we have what you need to successfully get a multipack in the marketplace.

How do you order shrink bands?

Ordering shrink bands couldn't be easier. Just fill out the form to the right to request a quote. Please provide as many details you can about the bottles, jars, or other product packaging you'd like to shrink. A sales representative will be in touch to confirm any information that may be needed.

Source One Packaging offers a huge inventory of layflats, ranging from 25mm to 600mm, in clear, seamless (extruded) film that can be customized to fit any sized container with the shortest lead times possible.

We are a state-of-the-art, in-house, full-scale converting facility with the ability to slit and seam ranging from 25mm to 500mm layflats for all quantity orders to meet your lead time requirements


  • T-perf, horizontal, vertical, single, and double perforations available

  • 25mm - 500mm seamed lay flats in 7-10 business days

  • Custom printing available in rotogravure, flexographic, or digital

  • Stock colors available in certain sizes

  • Tear tape offered in a variety of colors for easy-to-open, consumer-friendly packaging

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