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Lidding Film

Lidding film is a flexible type of packaging film primarily used to keep foods sealed and fresh. Some foods include fresh fruit cups, frozen dinners, fresh meats, pet foods, and dairy products. Lidding film can also be made to withstand varying temperatures as seen by most frozen microwave/oven-safe meals.

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Peel Options

ECP - Easy Cold Peel
MP - Medium Peel
SP - Strong Peel
PS/WS - Hot Peel Only
GP & OR - General Purpose Film

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Ecofriendly Options

We offer recyclable, compostable and sustainable lidding film options.

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Frozen foods
Chips & snacks
Bakery goods
Meat trays
Prepared meals

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Printing Options

Custom rotogravure
Custom flexographic
In-house graphic design department

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Available Features

Freezer grade
Steam & pressure control

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Die Cut & Stack

Extend the shelf life of foods while maintaining flavor and freshness.

Frequently asked questions

Source One Packaging offers custom lidding films

Eliminate the many components traditionally used in packaging your products into one cost effective solution. Lidding Film incorporates your custom package design, logo, nutrition facts, bar codes, and tamper-evident protection into one simple step.

  • Custom Rotogravure and Flexographic Printing
  • Seals to most substrates including CPET, APET, PP, PS, PVC, HIPS, Foil, Sugar Cane Trays, Paperboard, Ceramic Pots, Glass Bottles and Jars
  • Can be chilled, frozen, microwaved, and oven ready for all tray types to ensure that we meet all specification requirements
  • Self-venting in microwave or oven. No need to pierce the film before cooking and can act as a slow-release steamer!
  • Steam, Fry or Crisp in the microwave
  • All film peels cleanly as one piece with no tearing
  • Choose from one of our recyclable, compostable, or sustainable substrates. This includes the world’s first biodegradable, peelable PLA film.
  • Broad sealing window, high clarity, anti-fog, wieldable perforated seal layer, carrier & barrier layers also available.
  • Resistant to moisture, fats, oils and grease.
  • Steam and pressure control
  • Barrier film option available to extend shelf life
  • Resealable Films
What are some common uses of lidding film?

You'll find that food manufacturers along with grocery stores have a great use for lidding films.

Frozen Foods
Lidding film is used to cover trays of frozen meals. This helps to keep the food frozen and prevents freezer burn.

Chips & Snacks
Lidding film can be used to package chips and snacks. This helps to protect the food from moisture and humidity while keeping the food fresh.

Bakery Goods
Lidding film is used to package bakery goods. This helps to prevent the food from drying out or becoming stale.

Meat Trays
Lidding film is used as a substitute for traditional lids and tray covers on meat trays. There are lids available that fit over lidding film; it is recommended that lidding film be used in this case.

Prepared Foods
Lidding film is used to package pre-cooked meals. This helps to keep the food warm and prevents it from becoming dry or overcooked.

What are some advantages of lidding film?

Some of the advantages that lidding films has to offer include:

  • It is safe and recyclable.
  • It provides a barrier against moisture, light, and odors.
  • It is often used as a lidding laminator for liquid foods like sauces or syrups.
  • Lidding films offer tamper evidence capabilities.

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