Printed Shrink Sleeves

Also known as printed shrink bands, full body shrink labels, custom shrink labels, tamper-evident labels, and 360-degree labels, we offer many printing options to match the quality and volume you need.

What Are Printed Shrink Sleeves?

Printed shrink sleeves are a type of label that is used to cover the entire surface of an object. They are often used on containers, such as bottles or jars, to provide information about the contents of the container. Printed shrink labels are made from a thin plastic film, and they are printed with a laser printer. The labels are then heated until they shrink and conform to the surface of the object.

Printed shrink sleeves are also known as printed shrink labels, shrink sleeve packaging, shrink sleeve labels, sleeve labels, custom shrink labels, printed shrink bands, and full body shrink labels.

The Benefit of Printed Shrink Sleeves

Why should you consider printed shrink sleeves? Well, the main benefit is that they don't require wrapping to keep your products from getting damaged or dirty. You can just put a shrink sleeve on each product and call it a day! You also get full coverage to print graphics, instructions, ingredients, etc. You are not limited to an smaller sticker label.

Printed shrink sleeves also make identifying items easier because they contain important information about what's inside. This makes them perfect for warehousing and retail stores where you need to identify different types of products quickly. With printed shrink sleeves, there are no more lost articles with similar packaging--you'll never wonder if an item came from Aisle 5 or Aisle 6 again!

Another advantage of printed shrink labels is that it saves time labeling individual packages—instead of having to go through all the trouble of printing out multiple labels per package, now you can just print one label and apply it to the product. This will save you both time and money in the long run!

Custom Printed Shrink Sleeves

Getting custom printed shrink sleeves for your product can be a great way to make it stand out from the competition. Not only do they look great, but they also contain important information about what's inside.

When you order custom shrink sleeves, we have multiple materials that will work, depending on the size and shape of your container. We can print up to 12 colors to really make your products stand out.

Advantages of Custom Shrink Sleeves

Custom Fit To Your Product

Custom shrink sleeves are a great way to package your product. They are made to fit your product perfectly, and will shrink to fit the body of your bottle. This will allow a shrink sleeve to fit to any contours or curves that your bottle may have.


We offer an affordable option for product decoration with our shrink sleeves. They are made from thin PVC or PETG film, so they are a more economical option than traditional labels and seals. In many cases, a single seamless full body shrink sleeve can perform the functions of multiple labels and seals. This reduces the number of steps required in the production of your product and gets it on the shelf faster.

Tamper-Evident Protection

Full body shrink sleeve packaging can extend over the cap of your product to provide total tamper evidence right at the point-of-sale. With a perforation, a shrink sleeve provides the consumer with security and confidence. Printed shrink labels and printed shrink bands complement the total tamper evidence for your product along with showcasing your brand.

Huge, 360º Display Area

Printed shrink labels can add a huge amount of visual impact to your product. With full body shrink sleeve packaging, you can cover almost the entire surface area of your product with eye-catching graphics. This lets you make the most of your product's shape and contours, and create a truly unique look that will stand out on store shelves.

Custom Shrink Sleeve Printing

Multipack & Club-pack Shrink Sleeves

We offer a large selection of printed shrink sleeves, so find the perfect fit for your product. Browse our full catalog to order a variety of printed shrink sleeves including for multipacks and promotional items.

Shrink Sleeve Prototypes and Mockups

We are a company that will design custom printed shrink sleeves and provide mockups so you can see how they'll look on your product. We also offer an affordable option for product decoration with our shrink sleeves.

We Can Handle Any Size Order For Printed Shrink Sleeves

Create an alluring shelf appearance to potential consumers in the most effective and eye-catching way. Printed Shrink Labels provide 360-degree print coverage to the consumer. Source One’s Printed Shrink Labels will add value to your product’s appeal, raising sales volume and increasing profits.

  • Custom Rotogravure, Flexographic or Digital printing available
  • Available additionsL Color Foils, Metallic, Matte, Holographic, Iridescent, Metallized, Mirror and Neon Inks

Source One Offers:

  • In-house, full-service graphic and production departments to assist in the step-by-step process of label development and prepress formatting
  • Fast lead times
  • In-house slitting and seaming
  • Rollstock Film for automated machinery or individual cut bands for manual applications
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