Shrink Bags

What Are Shrink Bags?

PVC shrink bags are plastic shrink wrap that are used for packaging. This shrink wrap is stretched over the product to produce a tight seal.

Their main use is in food industries where they are used to package food in grocery stores, restaurants, and many other types of establishments. Shrink bags are also often used for electronics, toys, gardening supplies, and automotive items in retail stores. They protect the products inside from being crushed or damaged in transit.

Benefits Of Shrink Bags

Shrink bags makes it easier to transport products. They also end up taking less space. By sealing the shrink wrap you ensure that no air or liquid can get in. This helps preserve the product and keep it fresh for longer periods of time. The shrink wrap also offers protection against contamination in food industries where shrink bags are common.

Flat Shrink Bags

Flat shrink bags are shrink bags that are flat like a sheet. These shrink bags can be reused and recycled. Flat pvc shrink bags use less plastic than the cylindrical style shrink bags. They also often come with perforations for easy opening and closing. Benefits of using these shrink wrap bags include:

  • - easy to store and stack
  • - easier to seal and open
  • - reusable and recyclable
  • - they are environmentally friendly because they use up less plastic

Gift Bags

Gift shrink bags are shrink bags that are specifically designed for gifts. There are many different styles of shrink bags that allow you to pack gifts in the time-honored tradition of wrapping. In this way, shrink wrap is used to both protect and design a stylish cover for your gift.

Source One Packaging Has Shrink Bags In Stock

Shrink Bags offer a simple and cost-effective solution for shrinking promotional items together to create BOGO’S and multi-packs. They also provide tamper-evident protection to all irregular shaped bottles and containers or packaging that have pumps or dispensers customized in-house.

  • Made from PVC, or PET-G Shrink Film
  • Various shapes for unique bottle shapes.
  • Dome & Rectangle shaped to fit your needs
  • Fast turnaround times on custom made bags
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