Stretch Sleeve Labels

What Are Stretch Sleeve Labels?

Stretch sleeve labels, stretch labels, or stretch sleeves a great way to brand almost any product. These labels stretch around the product and will not fall off in high-speed packaging equipment, therefore you can be confident your branding is going to stay with your customer's products even through the final process of the packaging line.

Benefits Of Stretch Sleeves

Stretch sleeves offer retailers an economical way to create 360 product decorations on cans bottles and jars. With no adhesives or heat required for use they are an ideal option for products in almost every industry. Our stretch sleeves are made from linear lowdensity polyethylene (LLLdPE) and offer high elasticity (30 to 40%) needed to conform close to highly contoured vessels. We can also add perforations to sleeves. These can serve as visible features surrounding a seal or help consumers remove their own sleeves.

In addition there are 2 types of stretch label materials - fabric and polypropylene, which means they can be printed on a huge range of printing techniques including laser engraving, digital print, pad print, flexo print, thermal transfer print and rotary screen printing.

Customizing Your Stretch Sleeve

Printing on stretch labels can be done using either direct print or with a secondary label. With primary labels, you place the primary label stock over the stretch film and then print directly onto the film while your Laser printer is running through its engraving cycle - we'll talk more about this later in the article! For secondary labels, there will be a separate label that becomes part of the sleeve material itself (See Diagram 1). This means that when customers remove your product from their packaging, they also remove your branding for maximum impact.

Packaging With Stretch Sleeves

Some products to package with stretch sleeves are housewares, clothing, toys, and other types of personal goods.

Reasons To Choose Stretch Sleeves

1. Stretch sleeves are cost-effective

Stretch labels are an effective method to brand your consumer's goods with maximum exposure, so they won't have to remove a sticker or anything else. These labels can be stretched to fit any shape without ripping off. There is no adhesive or heat required for usage, which ensures that the design being read on your garment will not be altered by these labels. Because there is no need for heat, stretch logo labels are ideal for delicate contents such as food items!

2. They have a high elasticity.

The material used has tension capacity of 30-40%. This makes them ideal for contoured surfaces since to numerous bright colors and solid opaque white color choices. You may also utilize perforations in the sleeve fabric to make a visible seal or let people remove them quickly.

Stretch sleeves are available in two types of materials: fabric and polypropylene.

The flexibility of stretch sleeves means that they may be produced on a wide range of printing technologies, including laser engraving, digital print, pad print, flexo print, thermal transfer printing, and rotary screen printing. So if you're searching for an innovative method to brand your goods, consider using stretch sleeves!

4. Printing on stretch labels is easy

Stretch film can be used to make direct printing easier by first layering the primary label stock over the material, then printing right on top of it while your Laser printer is working through its engraving cycle. This is an excellent method for producing a large number of labels in a short amount of time. If you're looking for a backup label, there are numerous materials to select from that will be included in the sleeve itself.

They're available in a range of colors.

You'll have lots of colors to choose from with stretch sleeves: over 30 opaque and countless translucent. You may also use special effects pigments to give your creation a lot more appeal.

Stretch sleeves are ideal for packing items such as home goods, apparel, toys, and other types of personal products.

Stretching sleeves can be used to wrap other items, such as housewares, clothing products, toys, and other types of personal possessions. Stretch sleeves are a fantastic way to brand your product if you're seeking for an inexpensive and effective method to do it!

Source One Packaging Offers Custom Stretch Sleeves

Stretch Sleeves or Stretch Sleeve Labels provide an easy and cost effective solution to give your products great shelf appeal. Instead of heat application, they are stretched out and applied to the container without the use of adhesives or glues. They are applied quickly and efficiently either manually or with Stretch Sleeve Labeling equipment and will conform to your container.

Stretch Sleeve Labels are a perfect way to provide high quality 360-degree coverage for personal care, household products and chemicals.

  • Made from Polyethylene
  • Custom printing available
  • Made domestically
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